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Streaming team deployed again

The streaming studio is supervised by one cameraman

The Event

In September we were privileged once again to support Bowers and Wilkins in launching a new product. This time it was their new 600 series of speakers which was poignant because we first started producing these live streaming presentations, with the speaker manufacturer, back in 2020 when we launched their last generation of 600 series speakers.

Our Solution

With our partners 9Lazy9, we set up our temporary streaming solution at Bowers and Wilkins Worthing HQ. This comprises of a multi-camera system, lighting setup and microphones with backups. On the streaming side we have a very robust streaming solution that allows us to stream to any platform. In this case most streams went out on Vimeo’s corporate service with is very secure and allows the tracking of attendees. However, when we streamed to China, we used Microsoft Teams as Vimeo is blocked in that country.

The vision mixer and producer sit in the temporary gallery.

The Crew

The crew is very lean, we have a single camera operator in the studio looking after the main camera and supervising a motion control wide camera. In the makeshift gallery next door, we have Liam from 9Lazy9 setting up the streams and filtering the questions that then get sent to Andy who is presenting. Finally POV’s Leigh Emmerson is vision mixing, running VTs, supervising the audio and running the streams themselves.

The Streams

We produce multiple events over two days for different regions around the world and then journalists dial into a secure link where they watched a bespoke live presentation for their region and are able to ask questions live which are answered on camera as they come in.

Contributors can connect in from around the world.

Remote participants

One of the more impressive aspects of these events is, in non English speaking markets we have a local representative who connects remotely and introduces the session in their own language. They then proceed to translate the presenter’s English answers into the local language live during the session.

It’s a formula that has worked well and the testament to that is that this was the seventh time we’ve done this type of event for the client and I’m happy to say, it went without a hitch.