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Tour de France Winners

Team Jumbo Visma – winners of Tour de France 2022

TV Picture Quality Demo

At the beginning of the year we completed our latest PQ (picture quality) demonstration production for our partners at Philips TVs. Philips sponsor Jumbo Visma, who are the cycling team that won the Tour de France in 2022. Our challenge was to feature these world class sports people in a video that shows off the extraordinary quality of of their televisions.

To video was produced at 60 fps 4K

A short shoot

The majority of the footage was captured in January in an extremely short 2 day shoot, catching the team on one of their winter training sessions in Alicante. As always the crew was lean and effective, with just a DOP, drone pilot, director and producer for most of the shoot.

To provide the television with the best source footage, we shot the majority of it at high frame rate. Because we had such a limited time with the team, a large amount of planning went into the shoot. For the two days, we had the challenge of capturing the team throughout the day while they were doing their normal training and then we had just an hour where we could control where and what they did.

Our bespoke electric tracking vehicle

Tracking Vehicle

During that controlled hour, we also had at our disposal, a custom built electric tracking vehicle and driver. This coupled with Adam, our DOP’s gyroscopically stabilised mounts, gave us access to rock solid angles never seen before in competitive cycling.

Our small but perfectly formed crew!

Once again, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when capturing the moving image. The final video was delivered in 4K at 60 fps and had been used both to show off televisions and also to demonstrate specific picture processing functions of the television.