Streaming Service

You can stream on pretty much any platform.

Our Streaming History

We love streaming! For over ten years we have been streaming events directly on to the internet. Initially this was through expensive streaming servers which required investment and an understanding of how many participants are likely to connect in advance of an event. In recent years this process has become much simpler and easier. With the advent of streaming through social media sites and services like Vimeo, the streaming server side of this service largely runs it’s self once correctly configured. This makes the whole process much less complicated and much more cost effective for the client.

During the pandemic we produced a number of virtual awards ceremonies

The Pandemic

Streaming really came into it’s own during the pandemic when we started to produce virtual events in place of in-person events. During lockdown we produced numerous awards ceremonies or various platforms and once clients see what can be done and the cost advantages of not having to fly participants to events, they’ve continued to use them.

The vision mixer and producer sit in the temporary gallery.

Our Solution

We have developed an extremely lean and effective streaming solution which can be, in it’s most basic form, run by a single person. We use very clever software and hardware designed to ensure a robust stream and a quality output.

Another thing we take very seriously is testing. Before any event we will do everything we can to ensure the internet connection is robust at the venue and also test the client’s preferred streaming solution in advance to confirm our system can speak to it properly.

Platforms we’ve streamed on include:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn Live
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Vimeo

We are also able to stream simultaneously to multiple platforms if required.

Contributors can connect in from around the world.

Something our clients really love is that participants can dial in remotely from anywhere in the world to join the stream and present. This is particularly helpful in non-English speaking markets where a local translator can present on the stream translating any English into the audience’s native language.

Take a look at our Streaming reel below to get an idea of what can be achieved and feel free to get in contact for a quote.

Our current streaming reel