Talking Heads

Client Testimonial Videos

This is no better recommendation for a product or service than word of mouth. People trust other people’s opinions. So if you’re good at what you do, why not let your customers do the work for you?

Nothing sells your product or service more effectively than video of your current customers talking about how good you are. Testimonial videos have become a popular option for our clients because they can be a very quick and inexpensive way to create extremely persuasive content for your site and for Youtube.


If you have a customer event such as a seminar or conference where a number of your customers are going to be present, why not book us to be there too and we can capture many interviewees in one day, making the costs per film very low.

The best way to get genuine testimonials is to write some questions to ask and then let your customers answer in their own words. It is much better to hear an answer in your customers’ own words than to put words in their mouth.

Normally workflow for this kind of project is to start by providing the client with the unedited interview as a file they can view. Some customers like to get this transcribed. They then supply us with a paper edit which we then conform into a first assembly for the client to view.

They will give us any further changes and we will the do the final edit for viewing.

Here are our top five tips for testimonial videos:

  1. Let the interviewee say it in their words – don’t try and put words in their mouth.
  2. Don’t worry about stumbles and hesitations, they can be fixed in the edit.
  3. Make sure you have good sound. The sound is more important than the picture, get a good mic.
  4. Don’t ask closed questions. These are ones that generally start with the words are, is and did and result in a yes or no answer.
  5. Instead ask open questions which generally start with words like how, why and explain and force the interviewee to give longer answers.