360 Video

For clients looking for something a bit different, we’re now pleased to be able to offer 360 video as an option. This is a unique form of production where the viewer is able to look in whatever direction they choose.

360 video can be viewed in two main ways. Firstly it can be viewed in a web browser using a platform such as Youtube or Facebook. Be aware however, currently this will only work on certain browsers such as Google’s Chrome browser. The viewer can use their mouse to drag around the scene to look where they would like.

The second way this technology can be used is with a headset. Viewers can put on VR (virtual reality) headsets that detect where they are looking at show the view from that aspect. This is by far the most immersive experience, presenting imagery in stereoscopic 3D and has the potential to transport a viewer to a particular location on an emotional level.

The most exciting part about this option is that most modern smartphones can be converted into one of these VR headsets for a very small cost. Google’s cardboard project allows users to buy a very low cost bit of cardboard which is folded for make the headset allowing VR viewing. There also also many low cost purpose built adaptors on the market that also allow viewing of this material.

As well as being a very exciting development, this technology also presents it’s own set of challenges. We’re more than happy to talk you through these challenges and work out whether this new technology will work for your project.

As well as video, 360 stills can be a great way to communicate an environment. Allowing the viewer to look at what they want when they want.