High Dynamic Range video production (HDR)

After 4K, HDR or High Dynamic Range video is the next big thing for the latest television sets. Historically, televisions have only been able to show a portion of the range of shadows to highlights a modern video camera can capture. Historically in post production we have to grade the image to select the information we want the viewer to see on their set. With this new innovation TVs are able to show a much wider range of dynamic range which means the image feels much more real.

This is a very new technology and we’re on the cutting edge. Producing HDR content requires specialist grading tools and very complicated and specialist encoding software. We’re recently completed a project for a major television manufacturer and know how to produce content in this very new format.

If you’re after HDR content, we’re here to help and at a very sensible price. Please feel free to get in contact and we’d be happy to supply some examples of our work and talk you through the challenges.

Tromso, Norway. Cameraman Alister Chapman filming beside highway at night.
Specialist shooting techniques and post production workflow is required for HDR video production.