Event Coverage

Capturing your event for others to experience


If you are going to spend a lot of time and money organising an event such as a seminar or conference, it makes sense to spend a little extra to make sure you get a good record of that event. That means the you’ll get far more value out of the content as it can then be viewed by those who weren’t physically there.

Depending on your budget and requirements we can cover your event to different levels of production. Although every project is unique, here are some examples of the levels of coverage we can offer.

Basic Single Camera Coverage

This is a great low cost option if all you want is to capture your event for use later. Using this process we film your event on a single camera taking an audio feed from your sound system and then supply you with the material unedited. It is very cost effective because you’re only paying for a single cameraman and no post production other that the material encoding and upload.

With this, as with all our coverage options, you can always re-vist the material at a later day and edit it, if required.

Multi-camera Coverage and editing in post

This option involves 2 or more cameras covering your event. We then use the footage from those cameras along with any presentation slides to create an edit. This produces a more professional slicker result than the single camera option however does involve some post production time.

Multi-camera Coverage with a live edit

A live edit is great if you have additional locations where people will be watching the event as it happens. It allows us to create a slick edit in real time. This is done with multiple cameras but this time the pictures are edited in real time with a vision mixer. The costs on the day are higher because you need a vision mixer on site but there will be little or no post production afterwards. Normally the costs of this and the previous option work out very similar.