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This Video could save your life


So much of what we do here at POV is centred around selling a product or service and we love the challenge, but it’s really nice to work on something that doesn’t have a commercial agenda. Recently we’ve been working with the University of Surrey and Movember on a documentary to explaining the importance of good diet and exercise to men who have undergone treatment for prostate cancer.

It’s important for all of us but these men have a 30% higher chance of having a heart attach or a stroke  and the theory is by changing their diet and exercise patterns they can dramatically reduce this.

The research is based around men having a consultation at their local pharmacy and being given a personalised prescription for diet and exercise. Our part of the project was to produce a film that individuals are given as part of a pack to help them on their journey.

The brief was to convince men lifestyle change was worth while without patronising them. It’s just the sort of challenge we love. It’s been a long project running for over 8 months but the film is now finished and the copies have been delivered.


Early indications are it’s been very well received. We’re hopeful it will have real impact on not only the length of men’s lives but also on the quality of them. It’s been a privilege to be part of such a worthwhile project.