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Turning mobile phone technology on it’s head


It’s nice to see even after 14 years of running a video production company we still  have firsts. We were tasked with highlighting, in a fun way, the fact that the new Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 smartphone works up-side-down. And no before you say it, your phone doesn’t do that anyway. Tablets work that way but normally phones only  work one way up because of the position of the microphone and the speakers.

The Onetouch has both at either end so it doesn’t matter which way you pick it up it will work. Anyway the client wanted a fun and interesting way to showcase this feature and so we ended up at Goodwood aerodrome on a cold November morning attaching cameras to a stunt plane.

With the sparkling personality of presenter Nicola Hume we made a video! Some might argue it doesn’t really show why the upside down feature is useful – as when you’re inverted in a plane the phone is the right way up so kinda the opposite of what you would want in that situation! But glossing over that, it was a fun shoot and a fun little video which hopefully will get this phone a lot of attention.