Prostate Cancer Video released to a wider audience

‘Getting down to coping’ a video POV produced in association with the University of Surrey’s school of Health and Social care has been released on the University’s website. This is great news as until now the video was only available to men participating in a self-management programme run by the department.

The video has proved to be extremely effective in helping men who have had treatment for prostate cancer, understand and deal with the side effects they were experiencing after their operation.

Jane Cockle-Hearne, Research Fellow, said: “Showing how other men have coped and moved on with their lives will motivate men in the self-management programme to have self-belief and confidence to make a difference to their own lives after diagnosis and treatment.

Men have made specific requests to the team at the School of Health & Social Care to make the film widely available to men who are going through diagnosis and treatment. ”

The University have supported this request and the film is now available on the University website.

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