POV Film ‘Car in a box’

Ranking as one of the more unusual jobs we’ve done in recent times, with our colleagues at INP media┬átoday, we have spent most of our time chasing a car in a box. Actually this is no ordinary car, strictly speaking it’s not even a car, it’s a clay model. But this model is of a major German car manufacturer’s concept vehicle and we’re were following it on a tour of the country as it visits dealerships allowing staff to see in the flesh, or clay to be precise, what this bold new direction in design looks like.

We shot footage using our Canon 5D Mark II rig, using the Redrock follow focus and a combination of our 24-105mm Canon L series zoom lens and our set of Nikkor primes. This, in combination with a vehicle suction mount and mini track provided the cinematic low depth of field look the director was after.

Our stint today covered various dealerships in the South East, next week the INP team head further up the country to show off the concept car. We wish them well and look forward to seeing the finished edit.

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