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POV creates DIY Viral

When a major UK DIY retailer wanted to get the Internet buzzing and raise some money for charity at the same time, they decided to persuade their employees in all of their 330 stores nationwide to dance to the same piece of music at the same time in store in front of unsuspecting customers. Known as a ‘flash mob’, this stunt, as well as being fun and a great team building exercise for staff, also raised the brand’s profile on the net.

During the three minute group dance, customers from all over the country captured the moment on their mobile phones and uploaded it to Youtube. POV was on hand to ensure that the moment was also captured professionally. Although our brief was to make it look amateur! We were one of three professional crews to capture the action at various locations around the country.

As if you now Google the company, you are presented with a torrent of listings related to the event, I think it can safely be considered a success.

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