POV Promotes Recycling

POV have just completed a promotional video for Halifax based firm Iplas. The company produce re manufactured plastic from material that could otherwise be send to landfill. This new material known as Zyplex is used for many things including outdoor furniture, fencing, ground reinforcement, crib walling and even railway sleepers. Because the material is plastic it is imperious to water and so doesn’t decompose like wood.

The video was produced to coincide with the relaunch of the company’s website. It was filmed on a tight budget with just three shooting days and 5 days editing. Rather than using a voice over we interviewed employees, customers and experts to get the message of what Zyplex was and why it’s good across. We used a minimal crew and shot using our DLSR rig to give the project a high end feel. Gavin Wray, Director of Specialist Sales said ‘The video looks great’.

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