Voice of a child

Education, Persuasion

The Problem

We were asked to produce video content for a series of live events aimed Central heating engineers to address the subject of health and safety.

The engineers were fully aware of the practises and procedures they should follow to stay safe but a small number felt that they knew better and that it wouldn’t happen to them. This meant the client’s was having difficulty reducing their ‘lost time Incidents’ or LTI rate any further by traditional training.

The Challenge

Our brief was to convince engineers it was worthwhile being safe. The solution we came up with was to make them think not about what would happen to them if they were injured, but what would happen to others around who rely on them.

Our film tells the story of a central heating engineer from the eyes of his son. The video was a huge success, so much so that we were commissioned to produce a second version for electrical engineers. The campaign was so effective overall it won the prestigious IOSH award.