Education, Persuasion, Training

Video Learning

The department of health have been rolling out a new way for patients to access community equipment such as walking frames and commodes. The new process involves patients buying the items through retail outlets rather than accessing them through local authority equipment stores.

This required a completely new process within hospitals and GP practices. Understandably there was a large amount of resistance within the health community to the new way of working. We were tasked with not only creating a learning toolkit to teach healthcare professionals how to administer the new service but also to persuade people in the service that this was a positive move.


POV not only produced the video material in partnership with the Department of health but also oversaw the design, manufacturing and shipping of the final DVD boxset including an explanatory booklet. This meant we were a single point of contact for the client and ultimately a one stop shop.

The project was very well received with one senior manager at the department of health saying it was the best work of it’s type he had seen in the public sector.