REDI Diet and Exercise Video

Education, Persuasion, Training

We were tasked with creating a video that persuaded men who have undergone treatment for prostate cancer the importance of good diet and exercise after their treatment. Because treatment for prostate cancer is now so effective, men are much more likely to die of something else now and because of their treatment they are at greater risk of a heart attack or stroke so a healthy lifestyle is very important.

The obvious approach would be for tell men what they should do through a voiceover lead video but we know from experience that is not the best way to modify behaviour. Instead we made a documentary film talking to the experts about the science behind the advice. We also spoke to men who had actually made the change.

This video forms part of a research project by the University of Surrey. So far the video has been so well received medical professionals are asking if they can use it in their general practice now because they feel it will save lives.