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Next Level Remote Production

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Taking things to the next level

One thing the new normal has forced us to do as an industry is work out new ways to do things. I’m proud to say we were at the forefront of this when we produced our first virtual awards ceremony in May 2020. Things have continued to evolve since then and we just completed our latest virtual event. Why do we need new ways of working? Simply because we cannot travel. So in this instance we had two live presentations happening in Ghent, Belgium and we are in Farnham!

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Sending Kit not People

So we shipped out specialist kit to Ghent along with an instructional video on how to assemble it. Then on rehearsal day we helped the team in Belgium finish setting things up. We were able to see in real time everything they did and give them instructions on lighting and composition.

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The Result

Then from the UK I could fully control the cameras, the sound and the live edit. The actual webcast was broadcasted on Zoom and we got a number of very positive comments from the audience regarding the slickness and quality of the productions.location

Why is this important?

In this post Covid world, even when travel restrictions are relaxed, technology and a bit of creative thinking has made it much easier to produce content remotely. This is not only safer but also more environmentally sound. We certainly believe now as an industry, we’ve learned how to work this way and that we will continue to in some form even after restrictions are relaxed.