Tour de France Winners

Persuasion, Picture Quality

Jumbo Visma – the 2022 Tour de France winning team

Challenging client

When we do any work for one of our favourite clients, Philips, there’s always an extra challenge. This content will be viewed up and down the land on their premium TVsĀ  in full glorious 4K. There is nowhere to hide. The quality needs to be superb. So when we were asked to make some video content featuring the Tour de France winning team Jumbo Visma, who Philips sponsor, we knew it would be challenging. What made it even more challenging was we had to film it during one of their normal training sessions in Alicante. Without interrupting their training during the day – oh and we had only two days to do it!


This resulted in a lot of preproduction planning, some serious scouting of the route the day we arrived and a small, nimble and highly skilled compact crew.

We had 2 days on a scheduled training session.

The shoot

During the day we jumped from location to location to catch the riders going past. Our drone pilot was able to get some amazing mountain shots and also keep us posted as to where the riders were. After the team’s training we got one precious hour a day where we could use our bespoke electric tracking vehicle to get some incredible shots from inside the pack.

We used a bespoke electric tracking vehicle

It was an extremely fast and frantic shoot but with the careful planning in advance we came back with the goods and the video looks amazing on 65 inch screens across the country.


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