Chasing the perfect storm


Doing something different

In the pursuit of interesting, engaging and unusual imagery to show off Philips televisions, in 2018 we found ourselves in America’s tornado valley for two weeks.

Producer Liam and our Storm chasing expert Stuart

A different Approach

Unlike a normal shoot where we plan everything as tightly as possible, this shoot was different. Aided by storm chasing expert Stuart Robinson and DOP and storm chaser Alister Chapman we drove up and down the country chasing supercell thunderstorms. The only plan was to be in the right place at the right time.

Miles travelled

Driving up and down America

In the process of filming this project we drove over four and a half thousand miles which which is actually further than we flew to get to America from the UK.

When making the documentary we filmed all the content including the interviews on location.

As well as the 4K HDR video we produced to demonstrate the televisions, we also produced a behind the scenes documentary.