POV help produce Mobile App Advert

We recently worked with our colleagues at FACE TV to produce a commercial for a new mobile phone app called Safeknight. The film was shot on one night in Basingstoke with minimal crew using our Canon 5D Mark II kit. The project proved to be a bit of a challenge as due to the space limitations of filming in a moving car, POV founder Leigh Emmerson found himself directing, lighting, sound recording and doing camerawork all at the same time during the majority of the shoot.

The Safeknight app is the brainchild of entrepreneur┬áChris Hawthorn and is designed to help individuals travelling alone stay safe by allowing them to upload geo-tagged time stamped photographs from their mobile phones to Safeknight’s secure servers, meaning if anything were to happen to them, the police can see exactly where they were at what time and who they were with.

For more information, visit their website here.

The script for the film was penned by Pork Chop Productions’ Mark Brennan and is one of the first commercial projects he’s turned his writing talents to.


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